Commercial Outfitters/Food packs:  Choose your own veggie adventure.....

Purchasing produce directly from Swift River Farm is a simple way to enhance your menus and downriver dining experience.  Not only does it add damn good local flavor to each meal, but it adds an important element of community and sustainability to your business of floating these wild rivers. 

We will work closely with you to customize your orders for each trip and while we can't supply everything on your menu, we will work hard to supply you with the freshest, in-season veggies to compliment your meals.  We do recommend picking up your order BEFORE heading to the grocery store, to prevent over-purchasing.

Let's get started!

First: To explore what we have to offer (depending on the season), click on the options below that best fit your trip launching dates. You can easily see what items we typically have available during those times of year and their costs. 

Next: When you are ready to place your order, just submit a form for each launch date, keeping in mind that the forms/produce availability change depending on the season.

All veggies are harvested within 12-24 hours of your pick-up date (often the morning of), so freshness and quality is guaranteed. Swift River Farm is only 2 miles north of Salmon, so pick-up is quick and easy, allowing you to spend more time with your clients and less time fretting about fresh veggies.

Click on the box below that best fits your launch date!

Questions?  Just give us a call at 208-221-8390 and we will be happy to help you work through your order and answer any questions.  Just leave your name and number if we don't answer (we are probably knee deep in farm chores) and we'll call you back ASAP.