"Take me to the river, she said. And don't forget the veggies."

Let's face it... the Salmon River is calling.

Whether it is the Middle Fork, the South Fork, the Main Fork, the Day Stretch, Town to Tower,  or simply all of the above, you hunger for adventure (and really good food).  But the reality is that growing great food takes time.

So why not let us do the toiling in the hot summer sun while you float down some of the most pristine and beautiful waterways you may ever see? 

Swift River Farm is here for you (and we will even wave from our fields when you drive by on the highway, rigged and loaded for river time bliss).  Plus, our veggies are fresh, harvested the morning you pick them up (or sometimes the night before). Which means they keep way better than grocery store produce when packed in your boats, totes and coolers.

We have all the veggies you need to make your river trip one of the most delicious experiences of your life. Seriously.


Private Trips: Option 1

You know what you want. We know what we grow. While we might not be able to provide everything for your river trip (depending on the season), we sure as heck will try. Choose exactly what you need from the following seasonal lists and make your favorite river recipes explode with local flavor. Kind of like organic Pop Rocks, but better. 



Private Trips: Option 2

You don't care what you get. You can work these veggies into whatever meals you have tucked up your well seasoned, river rat sleeves. You just want local, fresh, and sustainably grown veggies that support hardworking farmers from Swift River Farm. Thanks, we have your back. And your veggies. Choose our River Runners Share for a week's supply of seasonal veggies, our choice.


Commercial Outfitters

Need to step up your local food scene on the river this year?  Are clients asking "where does this food come from?"  Do you want to continue to support our local economy here in Salmon, while you are out on the river this season?  We work with several river outfitters and food pack companies each season to get our locally grown veggies into the meals and menus downriver.