Garlic Braids


Garlic Braids


If there is one thing we love to grow, it's garlic.  And if there is one thing we love to braid, well.... its garlic.  Our braids are at least 1.5 pounds of pure garlic bliss and sell out quickly.  Harvested, then braided in mid to late July, we hang dry and cure them for several weeks. They are typically ready to ship by September 1st.

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We love growing garlic at Swift River Farm.  Our softneck braids are always in high demand, as they are great storage varieties and make fabulous gifts, too.  We grow several different varieties of softneck, selected for their flavor, keeping qualities, and beauty in their braids. 

  • For smooth tasting, semi-sweet but pure garlic flavor, we recommend Inchelium Red
  • For long-term storage, our silverskins can't be beat.  Silver White and Nootka Rose have lovely garlic flavor and under the right conditions, will keep you eating garlic until next spring.
  • For large size and a sharp, hot, no nonsense garlic attitude, we recommend Red Toch or Chinese Red and White.
  • Or---if you just want a great sampler.... we offer a mixed braid, which is a combination of all our softneck varieties.