Nestled in the heart of Idaho, we are committed to organic and regenerative farming methods which build, empower, and support our region's food system, from farm to fork. 

Swift River Farm is a small, but mighty certified organic vegetable farm, run by Jeremy Shreve and Jessica McAleese.   Each season, we work hard to create dynamic and enduring partnerships between our farm and our community, striving for ecological, economical, and socially just ways to grow and eat our food. 

We believe that change happens when a person connects their passion and talents with the needs of the community and when all is said and done, we find ourselves growing more than just good food.


While our practices have always been organic, we decided to become officially certified in 2019. After 11 years of farming organically, we might as well be able to put a sticker on it:)

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Certified by Oregon Tilth, Inc.

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